Cardiac Angiogram

What: Cardiac CT Angiography is used to examine blood vessels in and around the heart.

Physicians may use the procedure to:

  • Guide surgeons making repairs to diseased blood vessels, such as implanting or evaluating a stent.
  • Show the extent and severity of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries.
  • Plan for a surgical operation, such as coronary bypass.
  • Screen individuals for arterial disease, especially patients with a family history of arterial disease or disorders.

Your doctor will be ordering a beta blocker for you to take the morning of the exam. This is to slow your heart rate down.

The images captured in this scan allow the radiologist to construct a three-dimensional image of your heart and measure blood flow, as well as narrowing of the arteries.

This study will require IV injected contrast agents to help us visualize certain tissue or blood vessels. Some patients describe a metallic taste or tingling sensation right after the injection. This is normal and usually subsides very quickly.

In addition to the general CT prep guidelines, please refrain from consuming caffeine in any form 12 hours prior to exam.