General Joint Injection

What: A joint injection may be used to administer a steroid medication to help relieve chronic pain or inflammation. Your doctor may request an aspiration where a sample of joint fluid is collected and sent to the lab for analysis.

What to expect: During the study, you will lie on an X-ray table. The skin over the joint will be marked with a pen where the puncture will occur. The area will be sterilized. The sterilizing solution may feel cool or cold. Once the needle is in place, the Radiologist’s Assistant will inject the contrast solution to verify joint location and take X-rays. Subsequently a steroid anesthetic solution mixture will be injected into your joint(s).


  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your exam time.
  • With approval from your doctor or provider, discontinue use of blood thinners such as Coumadin or aspirin as directed by the Radiologist’s Assistant.
  • Continue medications as prescribed except for blood thinners, as noted above.