Additional views

How it works: During this process, the technologist will image a very specific area of your breast, focusing on any possible abnormalities. The additional view allows us to determine whether further study is recommended or if it is simply an abnormality that is benign.

Why we do it: Sometimes after your screening mammogram, the radiologist may see an area that requires further evaluation. “Additional views” are requested if a typical screening mammogram is inconclusive. This type of imaging is done using mammography or sometimes, ultrasound.


Our Breast & MRI Center provides you with easy access to a ‘patient navigator’ who provides support, guidance and information if you require services beyond a screening mammogram. With more than 20 years experience in the medical field, our patient navigator, Cindy Davis, serves as a guide. Comforting and empowering, this reassuring woman-to-woman support helps patients confidently address the next steps in diagnosis and treatment.

The experience: Additional views utilize focused imaging techniques to look at specific areas of the breast. This focused imaging requires the use of a smaller compression plate. This can be more uncomfortable than a traditional screening. With this in mind, our staff makes your comfort our priority.

Prep & safety: If you wear deodorant or use talcum powder, you’ll be asked to remove it at the clinic. We recommend you wear a two-piece outfit since you will be asked to remove your clothing from the waist up.

Your results: A breast imaging radiologist will discuss findings, options and recommendations, and answer questions before you leave our Breast Center. Results will also be provided to your physician or a specialist.