The field of radiology is changing quickly, thanks to new technology and constant innovations. We like to share articles we think shed light on a particular topic. Some are written for patients, and some for physicians.

Women's Breast Health

What keeps you up at night? For Dr. Cathryn Chicola of the Breast Center at Oregon Imaging Centers, it's conflicting reports on the benefits of mammography.
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When Your Child Needs a Diagnostic Scan

MRI stands for "Magnetic Resonance Imaging". A radiologist - that's a doctor trained in medical imaging - uses a machine that has huge magnets in it to look into some parts of your body...
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Why Younger Women Could Benefit From Mammograms After All


Women should get screened for breast cancer in their 40s, a study concludes, because they face a greater risk of death when cancers aren't found early.
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