Mammography Change in Process for Breast Cancer Diagnosis Protocol

Eugene/Springfield, OR - Oregon Imaging Center was requested to review and collaborate with Oregon Medical Group to find a common ground for new breast cancer patients and their subsequent imaging follow-up recommendations. During our research and review, both parties have decided to unify and create a protocol for all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. Oregon Imaging Center will be changing from prior protocol which asked patients to have four years of diagnostic breast imaging prior to returning to screening mammography in the fifth year.

As of April 1, 2018, both OIC and OMG will be recommending that newly diagnosed breast cancer patients return the following year for a diagnostic breast work up. After having a diagnostic breast imaging exam, the patient will continue to learn the results before leaving from that appointment. Then, if there are no new symptoms during that second year after diagnosis, the patient may return to screening mammography. In our current practices, an asymptomatic patient who has a routine and yearly screening imaging exam will receive a letter explaining the results.

With the implementation of 3D tomography, Radiologists review a patient’s screening exam with the same diligence as a diagnostic exam. Both OIC and OMG are in agreement that by adhering to this standardized breast imaging protocol, a patient’s financial burden will be decreased and will allow our imaging community to be more cohesive and streamlined.

We understand that with change there are always concerns. We want you to know that if a patient is anxious to learn her results, we will make every effort to consult with her on the day of her appointment. Our intent is to bring a positive change to our community, and we are here to support every patient through this journey.