3D Mammography Machines Now Available in Eugene/Springfield Clinics

KEZI-TV, Sept. 17th, 2015

EUGENE, Ore. -- There's a new tool in the Eugene-Springfield area to help better detect breast cancer.

Oregon Imaging Centers now has three new 3D mammography machines.

Doctors say the machines have improved detection by 41 percent, and false positives have gone down by 40 percent.

Dr. Jonathan Sims, head of women's imaging, says the machines can help find asymptomatic, small cancers before they have metastasized.

If a tumor is detected, the radiologist can find out right away if there's a problem, which means there will be fewer callbacks and biopsies.

"Instead of getting a typical mammogram, which includes two images of each breast, you get upwards of a hundred of each breast, with about 20 percent less radiation than a typical mammogram," says Dr. Sims.

Women who have undergone the 3D procedure say it's not as uncomfortable as a traditional mammogram.

If you want to make an appointment, the machines are currently available at the University District Clinic in Eugene and the Breast and MRI center at Riverbend in Springfield.

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